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Careers at Xiangrun
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Sales Manager
Key responsibilities :
• Guarantee the achievement of the strategic plan;
• Guarantee new sales revenues with right level of profitability;
• Guarantee the effective management of cash with the customer;
• Guarantee a high level of engagement and performance for Sales team;
• Guarantee active and positive communication to the customers as well as build market awareness of Albea.
Main activities
• Responsible for developing sales turnover, market shares and profitability;
• Ensure the right level of interface between sales and  plants in China to develop the market in order to reach the Product Line/Region ambitions. Set  up a governance plan to make sure Sales and Options work closely together ;
• Push innovations to the customers with the support of marketing and I&D teams when necessary, guarantee the New Product Development process efficiency by reinforcing the interface between Sales and Industrial ops in order to make sure we meet our commitments with our customers (delivering the right quality and quantities at the right time and at the right price);
• Manage his/her sales teams, making sure it has the right size, skills and energy to meet customers challenges :
- Adapt the sales organization after individual assessment
- Check on a monthly basis the achievements of each of them in terms of sales growth, overdues, customer satisfaction and margin management
- Work on the sales team efficiency through training plan
• Competitive Watch:  Analyse competition positioning by segments, market shares, strategy,  competitive advantages;
• Report on weekly basis key information and data
• Manage crisis situations with the customer, launch action plan, monitor execution, all with proper level of communication.