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About us
Zibo Xiangrun Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd combines with Shandong BaiRui Chemical Technology to a Group. We could give your better service at the same time. 

Zibo Xiangrun Environmental Engineering co., LTD is a pioneer in the air treatment industry and a worldwide recognized leader in the advanced technologies of desiccant, air purification, and catalyst. We manufacture all kinds of alumina catalyst, catalyst carrier, activated alumina, Impregnated activated alumina with potassium permanganate, pseudoboehmite, ceramic ball and all kinds of alumina powder. And we invest in a well-known molecular sieve factory.
Our laboratory and team of veteran engineers offer a systematic, integrated approach to solving customer’s increasingly stringent air quality, desiccant and catalyst questions. Our systems are engineered and manufactured to withstand the most severe industrial environments, including those containing corrosive gases. Applications are custom designed according to each client’s unique requirements.

Zibo Xiangrun Environmental Engineering co., LTD is a proud manufacturer of alumina catalyst, catalyst carrier, activated alumina, impregnated activated alumina and pseudoboehmiteproducts which has been built on years of Research and Development, with a wide range of applications and a growing number of satisfied customers worldwide. We strive to maintain technology and leadership by cooperating with a local university to promote ground breaking research in indoor air quality solutions in order to provide the most efficient air purification systems to its customers. We are a highly customer‐oriented company. Clients receive personalized systems to match their precise needs. 
Over the past years, we have established business relationships with many famous companies worldwide, including the China National Petroleum Cooperation, Sinopec, Petro Rabigh, and the Petrochemical Industry Company. Our products are reliable and highly popular with customers from USA, Germany, Britain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Jordan, South Korea, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and many other countries.