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Palladium Catalyst Carrier
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Products Introduction:

Palladium catalyst carrier is manufactured by the advance molding technology in Xiangrun. It has the characteristics of steady surface area, high crush strength, low wear resistance, appropriate pore structure, low impurity content and good impregnation performance of active component and so on. Xiangrun could manufacture the catalyst support with different pore size, different bulk density by the different technological condition according to user’s requirement. Palladium catalyst carrier is widely used for producing palladium, platinum, noble metal catalyst. 

XiangRun is a specialized palladium catalyst carrier manufacturer located in China. Our company is ISO9001:2000 approved due to its management in line with international standards. With 40 years of abundant production experience in the chemical industry, we are happy to be able to produce quality sulfur recovery catalyst, adsorbent,catalyst carrier , hydrogeneration catalyst and related products for customers all over the globe. We offer complete service, in addition to reliable products, for customers so that they can feel secure in their purchase. Also, our location in Shandong province affords us easy access to many forms of transportation, expressways, and airports, e.g. This enables us to make prompt delivery at reasonable rates for our clients. If you are interested in our hydrogen catalyst, or other chemical products, please contact us via phone or email.