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Hydrogenation catalyst
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Products Introduction:

Catalytic hydrogenation has a multitude of uses. For example, in petrochemical processes, hydrorefining is adopted to convert alkenes and aromatics into saturated aparaffins and napthenes. Hydrogeration serves in isomerization and catalytic reforming, to maintain some hydrogen pressure so as to prevent coke. Also, hydrogenation is used in the hydrocracking of heavy residues into diesel. Additionally, xylitol, a polyol, is produced by hydrogenation of the sugar xylose, an aldehyde. A hydrogenation catalyst is extensively used in material purification, product manufacturing and refining.

 In order to meet the increasing demands for higher quality oil products, catalytic refining, as one of the hydrotreating processes, can be conducted with the help of a hydrogenation catalyst. In this process, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen non-hydrocarbon compounds can be converted through hydrogenolysis into hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and water, while the unsaturated olefins and condensed ring aromatics are changed into saturated hydrocarbons. In this way, application performance, combustibility, anti-corrosion and other properties of the hydrorefined products can be improved. A variety of feedstocks are applicable to the hydrorefining process, including kerosene, gasoline, and diesel oil obtained through atmospheric distillation, thermal cracking, and coking process, etc. The hydrogenation helps offer high quality products and high yield of liquid products. Due to reliable performance of the hydrogen catalyst, the hydrotreating catalyst is increasingly popular for use in oil refineries. The hydrorefining catalyst is a combination of three components, namely, metal (also the main component), the promoter and the carrier. Currently, there are a multitude of hydrogenation catalyst, such as alumina supported cobalt molybdate (Co-MO-γ-Al2O3), alumina supported nickel molybdate (Ni-Mo-γ-Al2O3), alumina supported nickel-cobalt-molybdate (Mo-Co-Ni-γ-Al2O3), alumina-silica supported nickel molybdate (Ni-Mo-γ-Al2O3-SiO2), Ni-W series catalyst, and more.

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