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Alumina with potassium permanganate removing H2S
How to remove H2S? You could use KMNO4 Impregnated activated alumina XR2006®M or NaMnO4 Impregnated activated alumina.

You could offer us your H2S content so that we could do the recommend.

XR2007®I impregnated activated alumina with NaMNO4 media is a high surface area activated alumina pellet, impregnated with Sodium permanganate during its manufacturing. The result is a chemical filter with highly enhanced performance in removing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Mercaptans. It is the three times than immersion KMNO4 impregnated activated alumina with immersion technology.


Potassium permanganate content: 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%

Moisture: 15wt%-22wt%

Particle Diameter: 1-2mm, 2-3mm, 3-5mm, 4-6mm

Substrate Surface Area:

Shape: Spherical Pellet

Apparent Density: 0.8-0.9 g/cc

Pressure Drop @ 50 fpm (0.25 m/s): 1.0 in. of water/ft. of bed

Performance guidance:

Functions of activated Alumina impregnated with Potassium Permanganate under the following conditions:

● Temperature: -20°C to 51°C (-4°F to 125°F)

● Humidity: 10% to 95% RH

● Airflow: Ranging from less than 25 cfm(42.5 m3/hr.) to over 100,000 cfm (169,920 m3/hr.), with velocities from 50 fpm (0.254 m/s) to 500 fpm (2.54m/s)