activated alumina, pseudoboehmite, Zibo Xiangrun Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd

Research center

Our 16 engineers and some technicianshave been dedicating in research and development of catalyst and adsorbents. For improving the efficiency of adsorbents and catalyst, we also build cooperation with domestic research centers. After several years’ effort, our products categories becomes more comprehensive and efficient, and satisfy international requirement. Now more and more international company choose to cooperate with us. In this year, macroporous(large pore) pseudoboehmite win universal praise. 

Equipment in our laboratory: 
Electronic scanning microscope is used to study the structure and the surface of the catalysts and adsorbents on the molecular level;
X-ray fluorescence  and atomic absorption spectrophotometers for  catalysts and adsorbents analyses;
Mercury porosimeter for measuring pores sizes ;
Specific surface analyzer ;
Analyzer of physical adsorption by method  of multipoint B.Е.Т., testing the pores distribution on radiuses ;
X-ray diffractometers
Units for testing strength properties and attrition index of extrudates and balls :