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Sulfur removal
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Products Introduction:

In order to suit every customer's needs, we offer a wide range of products, including zinc oxide catalyst, ferric oxide desulfurizer, activated carbon desulfurizer, Cu-Ni desulfurization catalyst and COS hydrolysis catalyst. 

To assist our customers in making the right sulfur removal choice, here we give some information on product applications and working conditions. 

Xiangrun ZnO based adsorbent designed for removing sulphur components such as hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans and COS from hydrocarbon feed streams. Xiangrun 205R zinc oxide catalyst can absorb hydrogen sulfide and COS in the stream, which works well under ambient temperature. Our 206R zinc oxide catalyst is ideal for use in higher temperature, higher space velocity conditions. Our XR209R zinc oxide catalyst can work under a wide range of temperatures (from 180 deg C to 400 deg C), and the breakthrough sulfur capacity can reach 30%. 

Xiangrun ferric oxide desulfurizer is perfect for the removal of hydrogen sulfur from natural gas. Our activated carbon desulfurizer is primarily used in desulfurization for natural gas, refinery gas, catalytic gasoline, light oil, etc. Our Cu-Ni sesulfurization catalyst is suitable for removing arsenic and chlorine. Xiangrun COS hydrolysis is used to promote hydrolysis reaction between carbonyl sulfide and water. 

Other products like hydrotreating catalyst, sulfur recovery catalyst, alumina support ball and other products are also available at Xiangrun. If you don't find the product you are looking for, we can customize products according to your special requirements.